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[ Featuring our Seasonal favorites ]


Snacks + Starters


Fruit, Granola and Yogurt Bowl 6.59
Avocado Toast (vv) - local rye, basil marinated tomatoes 7.99

Breakfast Sandwich - 9 grain, bacon, over-medium egg, avocado, special sauce 10 

Grilled Cheese and Roasted Tomato Soup - smoked gouda & cheddar melt, 9-grain, garlic-rosemary cacciatore soup 8.99

Chicken Tacos - vinegar slaw, spicy chipotle sauce 10
Fish Tacos  - vinegar slaw, jalapeno, grilled lemon-dill sauce 12
Fried Shrimp Tacos - fennel-apple slaw, grilled lemon-dill sauce 12

Avocado Tacos - Cilantro cimi-churro, jalapeno, red onion 10



Caesar (v) - sourdough croutons, parmesan (large 7.99/small 4.29)
Roma Crunch Wedge (gf) - tomatoes, bacon, lemon-dill dressing (large 8.99/small 4.79)
Spinach Salad (gf, v) - spiced  pecans, sheep’s milk feta, pomegranate, balsamic & herb vin (large 9.99/small 4.99)
Chef’s Salad (gf) - mixed greens, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, tomato, onion, sesame vin (large 8.99/small 4.79)

Over-Easy Egg* +1.59  Chicken +5  Fried Shrimp +6

 Salmon* +8



Blue’s Pancakes (v) - three blueberry buttermilk cakes, maple butter 9

Buttermilk Pancakes (v) - two buttermilk cakes 6 (chocolate, pecans, blueberries +.59)
Cinnamon Toast French Toast - brioche, maple butter 7 (+ fried chicken 4.59)


The Diner Slider* - 4oz angus, american cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sesame bun 7.99
Double Double* -double patty  angus beef, american cheese, bacon, pickles, special sauce, fries, brioche bun 14 (w/ egg* 1.59)

Crab Cake Sandwich - tomato, lettuce, cilantro chimi-churri, fennel-apple slaw, old-bay “crab fries” 12
Smoked Kielbasa Dog -honey mustard, sautéed onions  9

Fried Chicken “Club” -bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, garlic ranch 10
HOT Chick Wrap - lettuce, bacon, pickles, gouda, spicy chipotle  10
The Fishwich (p) -crispy fish, grilled lemon-dill sauce, tomato 11



Shepherd's Pie (gf) -Denis’s classic w/ love 12

Fish & Chips (p) - grilled lemon-dill sauce, fries, fennel-coriander slaw 14
Pan Seared Shrimp & Grits (gf) -coarse yellow cheese grits, tomato, tasso ham gravy 14
The West Nasty (v) - two biscuits, herb-black pepper sausage gravy with fried chicken 13

Mac 'n' Cheese - biscuit crumbs, bacon, herbs, parmesan 12 



Eggies Benediction* - toasted english muffin, honey-baked ham, over easy egg, frank’s “bear-naise,” hash browns 9.99

Hot Mess* (gf) -fries, grits, or browns piled high w/ bacon, two eggs, tomato, smoked gouda, herb-pepper gravy 10.99
Big Ol’ Grit Bowl* (gf) -smoked kielbasa sausage, bacon, over-easy egg, maple butter 11.99

Veggie Scrambles (v)- tomato, broccoli, onion, spinach 6.99

Breakfast Plate– Pick one of each 6.59

Two Eggs* - sunny, over-easy, scrambled, or curried
Side -  yellow grits, hash browns, fruit, granola & yogurt
-white, rye, 9-grain, english muffin, pancake, biscuit
sausage gravy +1.59 bacon, ham, or sausage patty +2.59



Ham & Gouda- honey baked ham, smoked gouda 7.29
Western- onions, peppers, ham, cheddar 7.59
Louisiana -peppers, greens, tasso ham 8.59
Avocado Dreamin’(v)- avocado, peppers, onions 7.59
Wild Mushroom (v)- spinach, mushrooms, parmesan 8.99
Shrimp & Goat - shrimp, ham, goat cheese 9.99
Carnivore - bacon, ham, kielbasa, american cheese 10.59
Your Way- Plus one side - hash browns, grits, oats, or toast 5.99

  • Veggies- broccoli, tomato, peppers, spinach, sautéed onions +.29
  • Cheeses - cheddar, american, parmesan, goat, smoked gouda +.99
  • Meats - ham, bacon, kielbasa, beef +1.29
  • Deluxe Items -avocado, wild mushrooms, shrimp, tasso ham +1.99


Add Egg 1.59  

House Grits 2.99  

Plain Fries 3.99
Hash Browns - Fresh Yukon Golds (vv, gf) 3.99
Kielbasa Sausage (gf) 2.59

Breakfast Sausage Patty (gf)2.59
Hardwood Smoked Bacon(gf) 3.59
Canadian Bacon (gf) 3.59
Fruit Bowl (vv, gf) 3.59

Granola & Yogurt (v, gf) 2.59
Avocado (vv, gf) -as a side 3.59
One Biscuit 2.59(add veggie gravy .99or add sausage gravy 1.59)
Everything Bagel 2.59(add cream cheese or peanut butter .59)
Toast - white, rye, 9-grain, English muffin 1.99